A creative retreat in the Pasgrinda stream valley

We invite people from all walks of life to retreat from the routine of work and the noise of the city and spend a week in a remote corner of nature, in the company of a stream, trees, meadow, insects, and sheep.

The proposal is for those who would like to try living without gas, electricity, and a public water supply system, without using fossil fuels. Arriving alone or as a couple, you will be able to stay in a small log hut with a wood shingle roof and a wood-burning stove. 

A small flock of sheep will live in the valley of the Pasgrinda stream, which you will have to look after. The free-grazing sheep will be your creative teachers, and you will have to spend all your time with them without letting them out of your sight. You will have to make sure they have water and will have to put them in a containment area for the night. Extensively grazed sheep are important helpers in maintaining biodiversity.

We suggest you come by bicycle, 9 kilometers from the Matuizos train station on rural and forest roads. Please bring food and essentials for the whole week. We will meet you on-site and leave you alone. 

The participation fee of 100 euros will be used for coordination costs and to prepare hay for the winter.

Discounted price 80 euros. The discount applies to those who bring their favorite book purchased at bookstores Kolibris in Kaunas or Eureka! in Vilnius and thus contribute to the Shepherds’ Reading Room collection.

Please register by filling in the following form. Please make your payment at least 1 month before your chosen arrival time to 

Všį “Verpėjos”

IBAN: LT18 7300 0101 5815 1345