Residents of October: Živilė Lukšytė

Živilė Lukšytė graduated product design bachelor studies at Vilnius Art Academy. In the design master studies she continued her research about food experiences while analyzing and interpreting festive food traditions. The artist initiated design studio Less Table with her former teacher Julija Mazūrienė. Less Table is a space for food related practices and research, such as sustainable city and nature, continuation and contemporary interpretation of traditions. Less Table creates eatable, food related objects and continents, as well as entertainment, traditional and intellectual experiences.

Živilė is very familiar with the surroundings of the residency location and Kabeliai village. She spent her childhood summers in the countryside nearby, at her grandma’s place. Familiar places and people have both advantages and disadvantages. The sentimental memories and knowledge of the space, reminding activities the artist used to do as a kid and now doing as a resident: greeting and spending some time with the grandmother neighbors or relatives; visiting the favorite places; walking in the forest; picking up mushrooms; eating berries (cranberries, strawberries and last seasonal blueberries); visiting the Tadas’ motor-shop and buying some potatoes (which grandma loved so much) instead of the candies and ice cream, like 20 years ago.

During the residency Živilė is planning to analyze her childhood geographical experiences, expand and present it in eatable and not-eatable formats, aside the dinner table.