Residents of October: Agota Zdanavičiūtė

I am Agota Zdanavičiūtė. I live and work in Vilnius, but I was always fascinated by the countryside. I didn’t have a summerhouse in the countryside when I was a kid as the others did. My grandparents lived in Vilnius and Tauragė. With my parents we used to participate in Romuva camp, which were taking place in different parts of Lithuania each year. This is how I get to know the nature of Lithuania – magic rocks, lively waters, mounds and other things. 

In the near future I am going to publish my debut album based on the fairy tales by herbalist Eugenija Šimkūnaitė. At the moment I am also working on my own music and using poems by Vladas Braziūnas and Stasė Lygutaitė – Bucevičienė.

At the residency I would like to investigate the topic of married life. I am interested in love stories of the local village people, how they met with their loved ones, the stories of the brides moving to other villages, married life and separation, if the beloved one has already passed away. I was going through the separation processes myself, but I knew that in the old times it didn’t exist. 

Another form of separation is when one of the spouses is passing away. Because it is a very sensitive and intimate topic, I am not sure if local women will share their stories with me. That’s why I am inviting myself to play a Wimple game:

– Are you getting married again?

– No, I am getting out.

The residency is my personal therapy. I hope to get inspired by local love stories which will help me to move on in my personal life.