Morta Jonynaitė “Crossbars”

On the last day of July, Morta Jonynaitė’s exhibition “Crossbars” opened at Marcinkonys Station Gallery.

~ The mycelium moves under my feet, stretches, knits together, connects, until, standing on the forest bed, I try to look at the space between the trees. Eyes close, slipping and moving away, caught by spider webs. Around the felling areas, life is everywhere – mushroom hyphae embrace, carry food, water, alarm calls, expand the fabric they tied themselves. A carved space, where you are a little bit of a stranger. Sticky strands spun by a spider for inertly moving bodies stick to your face. ~

Morta Jonynaitė was born in Vilnius, and after textile studies in Amsterdam, at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, she recently returned to her hometown. The artist watches ephemeral phenomena and looks for tangible, material solutions to capture them. While creating atmospheric, tactile installations, Morta offers the viewer and opportunity to be in a state of alertness.

The exhibition is open until 29 August, Friday–Sunday, 12:00–17:00, or by appointment, phone: 861416255.

Address: Marcinkonys Station Gallery, Kastinio g. 1C

The exhibition is organised by VšĮ Verpėjos

Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture

Photo credits: Lukas Mykolaitis