Meeting with Verpėjos residents Nadine Baldow and Kristin Fredricksson

July 29, 3 – 6 p.m. we invite you to meet Nadine Baldow and Kristin Fredricksson, the art residents of “Verpejos” for the month of July.

The “Verpejos” art residency is located in a traditional homestead, called Danilu by the locals, in the village of Kabeliai in the Varėna district. In July, two artists invited by a competition – Nadine Baldow and Kristin Fredricksson – became the hostesses of the homestead.

The artists will share their creative ideas, unique creative fellowship and authentic local experience in herding and caring for a herd of skudde sheep. We will also be able to find out what adventures the artists experienced and how to raise an orphaned lamb.

The theme of this year’s art residency is “Verpėjos’ creative pastures”, intended to focus on the slow process of artistic research and the long-term value for the creators and audience participating in it. In close communion with animals and nature, we invite the creators to rethink the relationship between contemporary humans and the environment in the epoch of the Anthropocene.

Nadine Baldow is a visual artist based in Berlin whose work predominantly addresses the complex relationship between “culture” and “nature” and their ongoing impact on each other. She is observing this relationship on many different levels and raises questions like: Are we still part of nature? What is ‚nature’ after all? Could our planet, as we ourselves have shaped it, be what `true nature’ is? Baldow studied with professor Eberhard Bosslet, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden after completing a wood carving apprenticeship in the Alps.

Kristin Fredricksson is an award-winning performance-maker and a researcher, lecturer, mover and puppeteer. Her themes are the ecological body, climate and civilisational collapse, autobiography, trauma and memory. Fredricksson’s work has been presented in theatres such as the Barbican in London and La Villette in Paris, in outdoors performance festivals such as Norfolk & Norwich Festival and as installations in inside and outside spaces. She teaches histories and philosophies of art, somatic approaches to art making and the ecological body on the MA Art, Society, Nature at The Margate School in the UK.

Venue: Kabeliu st. 7, Kabeliai village, Varėna district.
Date: 29.07.2022
Time: 3 – 6 p.m.

Organized by: VšĮ “Verpėjos”
Supported by: Lithuanian Cultural Council

Cover photo – Vitalij Červiakov