Meeting with the residents: Gudrita Lape and Andrej Polukord

On 29th of June, 3 pm, we are happy to invite you to a meeting with Verpėjos Creative Pastures residents – Gudrita Lape and Andrej Polukord. The artists will share about their residency experiences, what new connections they have made or missed with local human and non-human animals of Kabeliai village and how it affected their artistic practices. 

About the artists:

Gudrita Lape (b. 1990) is a visual artist focusing on biodegradable matters. Born in Lithuania, raised in Iceland, and is currently based between Iceland and Spain. Since the time in her mother’s womb, she has been a fatalistic nomad and it inevitably plays a major role in her creative process. Upcycled, foraged, tactile objects with a sense of nostalgia are her intuitive comrades in the art world where she creates mobile installations and ritualistic performances. She has lived on different continents and studied in Iceland, Germany, Lithuania, and Spain, from fine arts, sociolinguistics & multilingualism to digital fabrication. 

Andrej Polukord (b. 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania) is based in Vilnius. He works in painting, installation, performance, photography and video art. Using humour, physical adventure, and storytelling, his work addresses the themes of everyday life, ecology, and the relationship between man and nature. Polukord creates unstable environments and absurd situations that produce unpredictable consequences, double meanings and ambiguity.

The event will take place at Kabelių street 7, Kabeliai village, LT-65284

Cover photo: Neringa Greičiutė