Meeting with July residents – Ugnė Venckė and Markéta Dlouhá

On 28th of July, 3 pm, we are happy to invite you to a meeting with Verpėjos Creative Pastures residents – Ugnė Venckė and Markéta Dlouhá. 

The artists will talk about their experiences of herding sheep and their creative inspirations. 

Markéta will invite you to a handmade paper workshop and share her discoveries of craftsmanship and experimentation using wool, packaging waste and plants. You will have the opportunity to make your own sheet of paper!

Ugnė will invite you to bind a diary book with your own spun yarn.

We will have homemade kvass and snacks.

About the artists:

Ugnė Venckė graduated in object design from Vilnius Academy of Arts, after which she travelled for three years. From her travels she brings with her a sense of fragility, the value of the temporal and a more open view of the world. For four years she was part of the creative design studio Less Table, where she created feasting installations using experience, knowledge of nature, traditions and their eclectic continuation. 

Markéta Dlouhá is a Czech artist who focuses on personal stories and ecology through bookmaking, printmaking, poetry, drawing, embroidery, and light installations. Her strong connection to nature and interest in sociology and psychology manifests itself in semi-surrealist imagery akin to natural shapes, landscapes, animals, and water, and in her topics where she holds a light on memory, family, health, and relation to nature. 

The event will take place at Kabelių street 7, Kabeliai village, LT-65284

Cover picture: Ugnė Venckė