May residents – Shayma Nader and Ingrid Helena Pajo

Shayma Nader is an artist, curator and researcher from Palestine. Her research-led practice is concerned with anticolonial, antidisciplinary and land-centred imaginaries and practices.  She is currently a PhD candidate in artistic research at ARIA at Sint Lucas School of Arts (KdG) and University of Antwerp.

Ingrid Helena Pajo

Ingrid Helena Pajo (b. 1996, Tallinn) is a textile artist. Her work encompasses collection and early textile techniques such as weaving, spinning and dyeing, merged together with the elements of visual arts, other traditional crafts and found objects. On the whole she’s interested in the direct contact with the raw fibres, delving into the sense and the nature of the subject. Found materials become an integral part of this discovery, drawing the trajectory of the journey between locations, handwork and bricolage. Borrowing a thought from Ursula Le Guin, she is questioning if settling in, making tools and things and being free are mutually exclusive. Ingrid is a graduate of the Textile Master’s Program at the Estonian Academy of Arts.