Gabrielė Vetkinaitė residency in September

We are happy to announce another artist in residency program participant, the artist Gabrielė Vetkinaitė. 

Gabrielė Vetkinaitė is an artist from Anykščiai region. She studied sculpture at Vilnius Art Academy. Gabrielė is working with sound installations and performances. She often uses pink color and songs performed in meditative voice. The artist works were presented in a various group shows such as „Padori paroda“ (2017 m, Titanikas, Vilnius Art Academy gallery), „JCDecaux premija 2019: Ne dėl to, kad kas prašė“ (2019 m, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius), also in a solo show „Liūdnos dainos“ (2021 m, International culture centre of Anykščiai – Chapel).

During the residency Gabrielė is planning to create a series of songs based on local people’s narratives, her own feelings and accidentally found sources of literature. The experiences will be presented in a handmade book edition.